Training Workshops

For Schools/Colleges/Universities

Magnate Education has a specialists’ team to work with students of all ages. We offer wide variety of counselling and training opportunities. Our aim is to focus on the enhancement of student’s holistic values and ideas. With the growing demand for career counselling and skill training, we provide intensive workshop sessions that are experiential in nature.


   Problem Solving

   Decision Making

   Time Management

   Examination Anxiety


   Success Management

   Understanding Self

   Goal Setting

   Critical Thinking

   Positive Attitude


   Critical Thinking

   Self Esteem

   Team Building

   Emotional Intelligence

   Reflection Of Self

   Transactional Analysis

   Behavioural Communication

   Memorization Techniques

   Enhancing Skill Set

   Self Promotion And


   Interview Skills

   Leadership Skills


   Handling Complexities

   Personality Development

   Anger Management

   Presentation Skills

   Communication Skills

   Accepting Challenges

   Parenting Roles

   Millennial Outlook

   Counselling Process

   Work Life Balance

   Career Counselling

   Sedentary Lifestyle

   Motivation And Emotions

   Personality Development

   Vocational Guidance

   Mentoring Process

   Self Care



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  • Workshops can be customised as per your need. We can arrange and combine different topics for mass gain of knowledge. Also, if you would like to accommodate any other topic for a specific class/classes, that can be done at no additional cost.

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