Frequently Asked Questions

Career Counselling

What is career counselling?

As indicated by our co-founder Sargun Bedi, “Career Counselling is a multifaceted area of processing, analysing and funnelling down the entire system of understanding professional course of action with the required skill set, subject knowledge and bent.”

Why is it important?

Career counselling marks an important step towards choosing the right career and making the best decisions for oneself. The different assessments involved in the process of career counselling provide a pathway to choosing and selecting a field of study/career from the infinite pool of valuable fields that leave many confused.

Who is it for?

Career Counselling can be pursued by students aged 13+ onwards. It can equally be significant for adults such as working professionals, home-makers and people who are either unhappy with their currents prospects, are looking for a switch, wanting to change a field of their creative profile etc.

What does a career profile indicate?

A Career profile indicates various aspects about an individual’s life domains. It helps one understand their personality type and their ability to sustain certain task oriented activities. It also signifies the interest area which an individual might not be aware of; an overall general intelligence that would be required to be in a certain position. It even highlights one’s values and skill efficiency. All the tests conducted have a scientific base and it depends on which package you opt for.

What happens in a career counselling session?

A career counselling session lasts for about 3.5 hours and is a personalized experience that caters to your individual requirements. You can use first 30 minutes to discuss any specific issues or concerns alongside the session intake. The next 3 hours are utilised with performing of the tests. Further which, another session is planned, where we evaluate your test results and advise you on concrete next steps. All sessions are conducted 1-1.
Widely discussed topics include:
  • Evaluation of client’s concerns
  • Career/ job-specific areas
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Summer programs / Advanced courses
  • Advice on building an academic profile

What is the duration of career counselling session?

A career counselling session lasts for about 3.5 hours and is a personalized experience that caters to your individual requirements. Another session of about 30-45 minutes is scheduled to be able to discuss the report and guiding you with the best possible pathway that you can opt for.

What documents do I need for a career counselling session?

You do not require any academic documents for a session - no certificates, additional papers, report cards, transcripts etc. are needed. However, a copy of your personal identity proof such as aadhar card, pan card, DL is expected. Please ensure that all of your information and any other achievements are recorded in our career counselling form with sufficient details – no supplementary documents such as resumes, videos etc. will be reviewed.

Can my parents/friends or siblings join my session?

All career counselling sessions are 1-1. Siblings, friends, other family members are strictly not permitted. However, in the second session, you can bring your confidante along with you for a discussion.

Who will be conducting my session?

Our team of career experts have acquired their degrees from premier institutes and have worked in esteemed organisations. Our experts will hand-hold you through the preparation and complex process of planning your career trajectory.

Do I need to travel anywhere for my session? If not, how will my session be conducted?

All of our sessions are done 1-1 at our center. However, due to any reasons, if the client is not able to travel, we offer home visits for assessments at a slightly different price. For report discussion, we expect the client to visit our center and have a better insight in the presence of the psychologist and report analyst, both. We work effortlessly on a platform with students/clients globally and across time zones.

How can I schedule my session?

Once we have received confirmation of your transfer, you will receive a form as per your convenience where you can pick a slot based on your convenience. Slots are available during the day / late evenings / weekends. In case of rescheduling / cancellations / no show for sessions, the full amount for each session will be deducted. Therefore, we request you to pick a slot with due consideration.

How much does the session cost and how can I pay for it?

Our pricing information and packages are on the website. For home visits, the prices are slightly different and can be shared as per the requirement.

How can I make the payment for the career counselling session?

Payments can be made in 2 easy steps:

1. Click here to Register now and submit your query. Our team would review your query in detail, we will email/whatsapp you a form as per your convenience and further payment could be made through googlepay/bank transfer/cash.
2. Alternatively, you can call us to book an appointment.

Training Workshops

How can your training workshops be beneficial and helpful to me?

Undertaking our training workshops would not only enhance your student’s engagement through experiential leaning but also enable them to effectively utilise their potential life management skills. Our workshops are designed in a way that contributes to the shine of your academy/institute/organisation.

How can I book a training session with your organisation?

Please send us a message using the Contact Form on the website, call us on +91- 852-779-3225 or email your enquiry to

How can I pay?

Once we have confirmed your booking we will send you an invoice and details. You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or google pay.

What happens after I have booked a training workshop with you?

Once you book a training package with us, our team would contact you to discuss your requirements and also hold a meeting as per your convenience to discuss the packages and intake. Further which, a formal mail of training agenda and other requirements would be sent to you within 2 weeks of start date. After receiving your confirmation, we would initiate the invoice and take the payment on the day of training.


Why taking admission through you will benefit me?

With the advanced technology, all the results and application dates, admission closing dates etc, the students get bound to surrendering their process of admission sometimes. Magnate Education can guide you with institutes that take admissions all round the year, admissions for students who have obtained a low score, mid-year intake and also get you in touch with institutions that would acknowledge your particular strengths in securing you a seat.

How do you help with admissions?

Through our career counselling services, we are able to provide guidance on taking admissions to courses of your choice and we also provide a list of suggestive schools/college/universities you can pursue your applications with.

How can I book a session for admission/course enquiry with you?

Please send us a message using the Contact Form on the website, call us on +91- 852-779-3225 or email your enquiry to

Psychological Assessments & Testing

What is a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment is a formal process through which psychologists observe and measure behaviour so as to arrive at a treatment plan. Usually, psychologists know what a person is struggling with because of their symptoms. However, when this is unclear, a psychological assessment can help to clarify the situation. The assessment consists of a clinical interview, review of records, observational data, psychological tests, and feedback.

How long does it take to complete the process of undergoing an assessment/test?

There is no ‘one size fits all,’ and tests are chosen for each individual client. The assessment is usually carried out over two to three sessions, with each session lasting about two to three hours. Smaller assessments may take less time. Certain tests are timed so it all depends on what you have opted for.

Who can perform psychological testing? What credentials do they need?

Psychological assessment and testing is conducted by professionals having appropriate training and credentials to perform testing. This is often someone who is licensed, has completed their majors or doctorate and has training in the area of psychological testing. Testing performed by unlicensed individuals or those still in training and are supervised by a licensed practitioner.

How much does the psychological assessment cost?

Costs vary depending on the length and type of the assessment/test. After an initial conversation, we should be able to give you an estimate of the cost.

Is psychological assessment & testing covered by insurance?

Magnate Education does not currently bill any insurance, and we do not have preferred provider status with any insurance companies. You must clearly understand and agree that all services rendered to you are charged directly to you and that you are personally responsible for payment.

How can I book a session for undertaking assessment services with you?

Please send us a message using the Contact Form on the website, call us on +91- 852-779-3225 or email your enquiry to

Additional Services

How can I learn more about the additional services that you provide?

Please send us a message using the Contact Form on the website, call us on +91- 852-779-3225 or email your enquiry to

What do your clients say about you?

Our clients are very complimentary about us! We actively encourage feedback and you will find testimonials from people who have invested in our career counselling sessions, taken guidance on admission process, attended our training workshops, undertaken psychological assessments through us and have been guided by us on other services. We’re also delighted with the ways that we've helped individuals develop and polish their life skills as well as social skills.


Where can I give the feedback post seeking services from your organisation?

We would love to hear from you. Please give your feedback here. Alternatively, you can ask for a feedback form in hand or on whatsapp/email after availing our services.